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Shark Tour

Using our 29' Ocean Runner around the surrounding waters of Cape Cod we offer a great opportunity to see great white sharks on a private tour. Our boat offers 360 degree viewing which makes for the best chance to see the sharks. The boat is also powered with twin mercury 150's allowing us to move quickly up and down the coast when needed to stay with as many sharks as possible. The 29' Ocean Runner hull is a great seaworthy and fast platform with a small draft that allows for the best of traveling in the shallow water the sharks love. Keeping our boat on a trailer and using multiple locations around Cape Cod to launch the boat also allows our clients to get the maximum amount of time with the sharks.  

We typically see sharks in water depths from 5-20 feet. Cape Cod's seafloor is mostly very light sand which allows us to see the sharks much easier. Communicating with a spotter plane above the boat also helps us stay with the sharks when we cant see them or lose them. These sharks that we are viewing are protected and managed by federal wildlife organizations, viewing them in their natural habitat as they cruise along the shore lines we typically do not disturb them. If in any way, shape, or form we sense a shark acting differently we will move on and find another one to look at. On these trips we also see many seals, birds, fish and sometimes whales which we will also view. Join us to see just how "great" these great whites are. We will share as much knowledge as possible about the wildlife we see along with laughs, memories, pictures and videos!

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